System Ninja 2.01

System Ninja merupakan aplikasi gratis pembersih file sampah yang terdapat di hard drive. Aplikasi ini berbeda dari beberapa aplikasi pembersih hard drive lainnya, seperti CCleaner. Artinya, system Ninja bekerja secara pro-aktif untuk menemukan file sampah di manapun mereka berada, bukan mencari di lokasi file yang sudah ditentukan.
Oleh karena itu, aplikasi ini bisa menemukan banyak file sampah yang CCleaner tidak dapat temukan.
Sudah merupakan hal umum, semakin sering Anda menggunakan komputer, semakin banyak file tidak perlu, file temporary, dan file sampah menumpuk pada hard drive.

Sytem Ninja akan mencari di manapun file sampah berada, dan akan mengidentifikasi mereka dengan cerdas. Walaupun proses pembersihan membutuhkan waktu sedikit lebih banyak dari CCleaner, tetapi aplikasi ini akan menemukan banyak file sampah dari CCleaner. Aplikasi ini dibuat oleh programmer yang juga membuat CCEnhancer.

Feature Overview

  1. Junk Cleaner:
  2. Windows temporary files.
  3. Application temporary files.
  4. Thumbnail caches.
  5. Mac icon files (unsupported by Windows.)
  6. Game caches. (Currently The Sims 2; The Sims 3.)
  7. Windows logs.
  8. Common torrent tags (Those annoying little .txt files that come with many torrents.)
  9. Folder configuration files.
  10. Temporary Internet Files.

Startup Manager:
The integrated startup manager allows you to dictate what can and can’t run when you turn on your computer. It supports Run, RunOnce and Sheduled Tasks files and registry keys. Removing startup items is a useful way of improving the speed of your computer.

Process Manager:
The process manager allows advanced users to quickly end unwanted programs without the hassle of running Task Manager. It does not display as much information as Task Manager, however it allows you to simultaneously end multiple processes with much more force than Task Manager allows. Whats more; process manager automatically highlights processes that are commonly associated with Viruses or Spyware. The Malicious Process feature can detect over 95 of the most common malicious processes.

Folder Cleaner:
The folder cleaner, found under the “tools” menu allows you to easily scan any folder or removable drive for junk files that are found by the main scanning component.

The FileAnalyzr tool is integrated with System Ninja. It  generates a collection of useful information about any file, specifically the MD5, SHA1 & SHA256 hashes of that file. It also reads file size, access dates and links with web services to determine if the file contains a virus.

System Ninja requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed in order to use. System Ninja supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Earlier version may work but are not officially supported, please don’t file bug reports if you are running an ancient operating system.